What's in my Head

I'm Myranda; Wee ginger, musician, archer, Dancer (only in my kitchen), smartass, what have you.

I'm an artist of many forms, except... maybe the most traditional form; (My drawings are pretty hit or miss.) I knit, I have taken an immense interest in my body- working out/diet, sculpting to my own perfection.

I love games and metal. Mainly classic/older video games, but there are some pretty sweet newer games hangin around lately.

I am a rocker until the end- and no, I'm not just talking death/black metal/hardcore bands that come and go. I mean Rock n' Roll maaaaaaan.

I love my tattoos; They are the external bearing of my soul, and the art, love, and music (one in the same, in my opinion) living in it.

I love my pets dearly. They keep away boredom, and most importantly, they constantly remind me to be loving and gentle.

I want to own more exotic animals, which has started with my wolf-dog. Next will probably be a full-blooded Timber Wolf. Then maybe an Ocelot named Babu. I've planned on being a vet since I was about 5, and have just recently begun my schooling.